Crafting 2018 – Poncho

When I was little I had a crocheted poncho that I really liked. I thought I’d make myself a new one. I went yarn shopping with my Mum and brought Stylecraft Special Superchunky in shade Empire. I based the pattern on one on the blog Sew chat ( with some variations (like a fringe)). Now the weather has turned I might get to wear it.



Crafting 2018 – Woodland Blanket

One of my wonderful sisters-in-law introduced me to Attic 24 ( a little while ago. It is blog with lots of crochet ideas and colours. I decided to make her Woodland blanket. It was a bit worrying as, on a facebook group that follows Attic 24, a number of people were having problems with the pattern. I found I had to check my stitch count every second row and then I was fine. I also made a scarf with the leftover wool following the woodland pattern.



The Woodland blanket did remind me of a scarf and hat I made a little while ago with King Cole Riot DK yarn in Beech (the photo doesn’t do the colours justice – I saw the yarn while on holiday and resisted buying for a long time). Thanks as always to Susan Bear for modeling.


Crafting 2017 – Mr Happy

I have made a Mr Happy and he is now sitting on the back of our sofa.


He was made out of yellow felt. I draw out the shapes needed, hemmed them and stuffed him.


He was made to be used in sermons when using Mr Happy as an illustration (of an evangelist) and had his first outing last week.

Church Prayer Cards

I am involved in several churches.


One thing we have done in Lent and Advent is give out prayer cards to help people pray. One time we listed all the churches in the area on the card and prayed for each once a week (several each day of the week).  We also sent copies out to all the churches in the area to help them pray for each other.


Another time we got people to pray for the church. Here are copies of the prayer cards for a church (with Methodist and Anglican options).


Prayer Card – generic methodist

Prayer Card – generic Anglican


Crafting 2017 -Fabric Boxes

Ages ago I was given a book on making fabric boxes. I read and inwardly digested it. So when I came to make some fabric boxes I didn’t find the book but did it from memory.

One box was for my son’s drinks bottles and three to put in a trolley to create a large spice rack.





(I think the book was this one.