Crafting 2014 – Microphone Pocket

I preach quite regularly. I am female and therefore my clothes don’t have pockets and sometimes, if I wear a dress, do not have a waistband. Many churches today have radio-microphones designed to go in pockets. This causes problems. I therefore have made myself, my female minister and my church radio-microphone pockets.

Very basic sewing skills are needed to make this.


Instructions to make a pocket are here

Microphone pocket


Crafting 2013 – A Rainbow Scarf for My Son

This is a scarf that I made for my son.

It started with the realization that I have never knitted with more than one colour on a row. So I decided to make a rainbow scarf with a three square pattern, a small one, a medium one and a large one – each time doubling in size and cycling through the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green. blue, indigo and violet).


The pattern is here
rainbow scarf pattern instructions