Crafting 2017 – Toddler Group Fish

I have moved (and I won’t bore you with pictures of new curtains) and now help out at a new Toddler group. Last week I did my first craft with them and settled on fish.

Here is my example and the two children’s fish I managed to photograph.


Crafting 2016 – Remembrance Preaching Scarf

Last year, on Remembrance Sunday, I was looking at my husband as he lead the service and his choice of stole. A difficult choice – do you go for a preaching scarf (technically correct if there is not eucharist) or a stole (more in keeping with the tone of the day). So decided to make him a preaching scarf explicitly for Remembrance Sunday and save him the choice.



Crafting 2016 -Shrugs

I love wearing shrugs. I made myself two new ones.


The pattern was free ( and very easy to follow.

One problem I have with shrugs and boleros is they tend to fall off the hanger. With some that I have brought I use the label to loop over the top of the hanger. Not long after I made these I sewed a little bit of ribbon into the next to loop over the top of the hanger. I now plan to sew ribbon into other clothes that fall of the hanger.