Crafting 2017 – Lenten Stole

Another stole, this time on a lenten theme. Jesus and his disciples  sharing the last supper. Inspired by a stained glass window in Durham  (see ).


Church Seasons Colouring Sheet

I help a local church run workshops for the local school. We usually cover part of the Christian story related to the time of year. The next one we are looking at God as Trinity and the Seasons of the Church Year.

Somewhere I saw a the Church Seasons represented as a circle (possibly making a wheel using a couple of paper plates). I suggested that we make a colouring sheet to show the seasons and their associated colours. After an hour on excel this is the result.

(Update there are now two versions – Anglican and Joint Common Lectionary)

Church Seasons (Anglican)

Church seasons diagram JCL

Crafting 2016 – Remembrance Preaching Scarf

Last year, on Remembrance Sunday, I was looking at my husband as he lead the service and his choice of stole. A difficult choice – do you go for a preaching scarf (technically correct if there is not eucharist) or a stole (more in keeping with the tone of the day). So decided to make him a preaching scarf explicitly for Remembrance Sunday and save him the choice.